Caregiver Quality Assurance

There are 26,000 companies providing in-home personal care to the elderly and disabled in America.(1)  Industry Research shows that 76.8% of home care company owners and CEOs see “Caregiver Shortages” as the biggest threat to their business.(2) The same research shows that 41.9% of those same company owners see “High Quality Caregivers” as the number one thing that sets their agency apart from their competitors.(3)

Caregiver Quality Assurance was created in 2006 to help home care leaders select the best applicants for jobs.  In 2020, after the Covid-19 Crisis, we are totally revising and reinventing CQA. We’ll guide you through the five phases of finding and keeping the caregivers you need to meet the growing expectations of an aging population in the fastest growing segment of health care in America.

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1. Research by Leading Home Care … a Tweed Jeffries company and the Home Care CEO Forum

2. Home Care Benchmarking Study from Home Care Pulse

3. Home Care Benchmarking Study from Home Care Pulse


Master the Five Phases of Caregiver Quality Assurance

Phase I – The Caregiver Quality Company Culture – a proven process for crafting a culture of attraction and accomplishment in your home care company

Phase II – The Caregiver Quality Recruiting System – a systematic approach to refining and updating your recruiting process

Phase III – The Caregiver Quality Selection System – increase the consistency of your interviewing and selection to hire only the best applicants

Phase IV – The Caregiver Quality On-boarding System – make that first impression lasting for your caregivers as you refine the way you on-board new hires.

Phase V – The Caregiver Quality Retention System – Data show that caregiver turnover was 81.6% in 2019, and 80% of that turnover happens in the first 90 days.  Solve your 90-day retention issue, and you dramatically improve the quality of caregivers and quality of care for your clients.

You and your team will master these five phases through online education, online idea exchanges, and participating in your CQA Mastermind Group.

Optional Add-ons

For companies who are active members of their Mastermind Group, and who have completed the Five Phases of CQA training program, you will be able to take advantage of two added benefits:

  • The Caregiver Quality Pre-employment Assessment – a pre-employment psychometric pre-employment assessment of attitudes, behaviors, thinking skills, and engagement to improve the precision of your selection system.
  • The Caregiver Quality Marketing System – a focused marketing process designed specifically for companies that have implemented the Five Phases of Caregiver Quality Assurance.
Join Your Caregiver Quality Assurance Mastermind Group.

Creating a culture dedicated to caregiver quality is top-down lead.  The best way to craft your culture and master the Five Phases of CQA is to interact on a regular basis with other home care leaders with a common focus.

A “Mastermind Group” is a small group of individuals who come together on a regular basis to share ideas, solve problems, and support one another.  Stephen Tweed, Founder of Caregiver Quality Assurance, introduced the Mastermind Concept to the home care industry in 2012 and formed the Home Care CEO Forum.

As a member of Caregiver Quality Assurance, you’ll be a member of a CQA Mastermind Group. Each group consists of up to 12- 15 companies in non-competing markets. You’ll meet once a month by video conference to share ideas, solve problems, and launch your Caregiver Quality Assurance process.


Get certified in Caregiver Quality Assurance.  

A core component of this membership program is our complete learning management system dedicated to creating a consistently high-quality caregiving team. Once you and your team have completed the online education courses, you will be able to display the CQA Certified seal on your web site and promotional material.

 Courses include:

  1. The Caregiver Quality Company Culture
  2. The Caregiver Quality Recruiting System
  3. The Caregiver Quality Selection System
  4. The Caregiver Quality On-boarding System
  5. The Caregiver Quality Retention System

Companies that successfully complete all five courses and demonstrate the application of these processes will earn the ‘CQA Certified’ Caregiver Quality Assurance designation and be permitted to use the seal in your marketing.

Apply the Caregiver Quality Marketing System

Graduates of the CQA certification process will be invited to take a sixth course, The Caregiver Quality Marketing System.  Jason Tweed, Senior Partner at digital marketing firm, Mediastead, will share best-practices and online marketing techniques that successfully differentiate your company from the competition.


Peer-to-Peer Members-Only Facebook Group

Do you have a hot topic or a question that can’t wait? Our peer-to-peer discussion group for members of the Caregiver Quality Assurance program covers topics related to caregiver recruitment, selection, onboarding and retention, with other CEOs, COOs, and HR Managers.

Resources and Toolbox

Members will have access to a continually updated library of resources and useful downloadable tools for managing your caregiving staff. Spreadsheets, checklists, and supervisory guides are all included with your membership. In fact, many of these guides were created by fellow members willing to share their ideas and strategies.

Apply Now for membership in this unique network

Membership in Caregiver Quality Assurance is on an annual basis, with annual dues covering all of the features, benefits, and resources.  Membership is limited to home care companies who meet certain qualifications, including size, geographic location, and commitment to action. To be eligible, your company must meet service volume minimums, and requirements that protect members from competition in your local marketplace.

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