Strategic Advisory Services

Your business is growing quickly and you don’t know your next steps.  You seem to have hit a growth ceiling and can’t seem to get past it.  You are getting ready to retire and need to know what do to.

Stephen Tweed and the team at Leading Home Care will give you the strategic advice you need to take advantage of these opportunities.  We offer four ways for you to get advice, guidance, and coaching on growing your business or dealing with a major strategic issue facing your company.

Some of the types of strategic issues that our clients have faced that we have helped with:

  • A company in California hit the growth ceiling at 2,000 hours per week and couldn’t break through to the next level.
  • A company owner in the pacific northwest was getting ready to sell her company and retire. She needed to take some action to increase the purchase of the company.
  • A company owner in the upper Midwest was considering growing through acquisition. He needed assistance doing due diligence on the company he was considering buying.
  • The largest franchise in a medium sized franchise organization was frustrated because he was not getting the support he needed from “corporate” to grow his business.
  • A top 5% home care company in the southeast was making a major acquisition in another state and needed some specific answers to questions about doing business in that state.
  • A private pay home care business affiliated with a senior living community was growing, but not profitably.  The CEO of the parent organization wanted an assessment of the business and strategic advice on how to grow it or sell it.
  • A fairly large private pay home care business affiliated with a large hospital system had been stagnant for three years. The Executive Director of the parent home health agency wanted an assessment of the business and of the director of private pay.
  • A large Private Equity Fund was considering making an acquisition in the private pay personal care space. They wanted education and information on specific questions about the home care marketplace.

Strategic Advice and Guidance to Meet Your Needs

Virtual Planning & Training

  • Submit a strategic issue or growth challenge your company is facing.
  • We’ll assess your company, research the issue, and guide you through a series of six one-hour virtual online strategy sessions.
  • The outcome is a written one-page Strategic Plan at at Glance, and implementation worksheets.

Structured Q & A

  • Create your list of questions and submit to Leading Home Care.
  • Stephen will compile the answers to your questions and present his response during a scheduled two-hour online video conference.
  • We’ll give you time to develop a list of follow-up questions.  Then we’ll schedule another video conference to answer your remaining questions.

On-Site Visioning and Strategy Session

  • Stephen Tweed travels to your location for a full day strategy session using the Storyboarding process to get the outcomes you want.
  • Following the session, we will schedule a video conference and Stephen will guide you in writing your own focused, doable action plan with timelines and personal accountability.

Six-Months Strategy Setting & Implementation Coaching

  • Stephen Tweed conducts a complete assessment of your business. He then travels to your location for a full-day strategy session using the Storyboarding process to get the outcomes you want.
  • Stephen will provide six months of online video coaching to guide you in implementing your business growth strategy.


As a result of your work with Stephen Tweed you’ll have a plan to take your business to the next level.
Work with a strategy expert and solve the challenges you’re facing now.

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