Strategic Advisory Services

Your business is growing quickly and you don’t know your next steps.  You want to partner with a home care company but aren’t sure how to proceed.  Leading Home Care will give you the strategic advice to take advantage of these opportunities.  We offer three ways for you to get advice from Stephen Tweed on growing your business or dealing with a major strategic issue facing your company.

Strategic Planning to Meet Your Needs

Virtual Planning & Training

  • Submit a strategic issue or growth challenge your company is facing.
  • We’ll assess your company, research the issue, and guide you through a series of six one-hour virtual online strategy sessions.
  • The outcome is a written, focused action plan that you we’ve created together in order to solve the problem or meet your challenge.

Structured Q & A

  • Create your list of questions and submit to Leading Home Care.
  • Stephen will compile the answers to your questions and present his response during a scheduled two-hour web conference.
  • We’ll then follow up with you in 30 days to schedule a one-hour follow up call to review your progress and discuss next steps.

On-Site Visioning and Strategy Session

  • Stephen Tweed travels to your location for a full day strategy session using the Storyboarding process to get the outcomes you want. Following the session, we will schedule a call and Stephen will guide you in writing your own focused, doable action plan with timelines and personal accountability.


As a result of your work with Stephen Tweed you’ll have a plan to take your business to the next level.
Work with a strategy expert and solve the challenges you’re facing now.

Call us at 502-339-0653 to get started.